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Barry Lee

Barry Lee

Hi, I’m Barry. I’m passionate about sharing the many benefits of meditation with others and also about making it as accessible as possible, without diluting it. If you are at all curious about what the Rise Wellness Programme can offer you or your organisation, I would love to meet you!


A certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and experienced yoga instructor and chair of the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland. After practicing as a corporate lawyer for 10 years, Barry pivoted his career and now shares the benefits of these practices making them as accessible as possible for others both in the legal profession and beyond.

“Barry has such a relaxed, insightful approach to the area and he explains it all so easily. Thanks to Barry my stress levels have dropped, my sleep pattern is back on track and my tolerance of others has improved greatly. The skills Barry teaches through mindfulness have provided me with a coping mechanism which is so easy to adopt and incorporate into everyday life.”
- John M, Barrister - The Law Library

John Slattery

John Slattery

Hi I’m John. I’ve been practicing mindfulness for eight years now. It has transformed my awareness and my ability to respond to life’s events - be they trivial or significant! I’m still learning however I’d love to share with you practical ways in which mindfulness can support you in work and everyday life.


A chartered accountant by training, John is now working to inspire and motivate people and organisations as coach, trainer, facilitator and speaker. He completed a HDip in Psychology and holds an international coaching accreditation.

“John has worked with our team on a number of initiatives aimed at allowing our people to take time out to step back, review and consider their own career goals and aspirations. John always comes with fresh ideas and a great energy which engages people and helps them to really think differently”
- Lucy O’Brien & Paraic Burke, PwC

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We facilitate courses and a variety of workshops for teams working in organizations.


From time to time we facilitate courses and workshops for the public.

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